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Crochet bags- Demand of every woman

crochet bags wildflower shoulder crochet bag | allfreecrochet.com rcbjcnn

Bags have always been one of the most essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe. Usually, trends for bags changes every season. For women, it is necessary to have each kind of bag for every occasion. Some fulfil daily purposes while others suits party requirements. Earlier, leather bags use to be …

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Fabrics made out of Entrelac Crochet

entrelac crochet fingerless gloves tjmlqia

The crocheted fabric and accessories are most adorned clothing, decorative and other stitching accessories material all over the world. Since, it has no age and sex restriction to use these crocheted fabrics and accessories. However, they are also preferred for its handmade qualities. It is available in the market now …

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Crochet terms – Standard Crochet Terms for Beginners

crochet terms abbreviations for crochet instructions twokbik

The crocheting is an art in making crocheted fabrics worldwide. This is a handicraft, which was in practice since many centuries. Still this tradition is followed today in knitwear industry as a specialized knitting works. This is totally handmade work and there are more than 200 known patterns. Since it …

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How To Read Crochet Patterns

How To Read Crochet Patterns reading crochet patterns tips for beginners himxjxa

How To Read Crochet Patterns If you are learning how to do crochet, you will first need to begin with the basic stitches. Once the basic crochet stitches are done, you will need to know how to read crochet patterns. There are different kinds of beautiful designs that can be …

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Knitting in the round – traditional knitting

Knitting in the round 1 / 4 vqpjmko

Knitting has been in practice since generations. Ever since yarn and wool started becoming popular the concept of stitching them has developed. Knitting in the round requires using special needles. This type of needle has two tapered ends which are connected by a flexible cable. The purpose for making such …

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Few info on head wraps

head wraps 7 black-owned head wrap lines you should be rocking dzdnryu

Head wraps have recently come into fashion and now are being worn by women in large numbers to look stylish and fabulous. Head wraps not only protect your hair or are an easy alternate to styling your hair when you just don’t feel like it but you can actually use …

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Crochet borders – Edging Designs with Crochet Borders

Crochet borders crochet: wave border tutorial | bella coco - youtube ohufpfk

Any type of clothing fabric may not good looking without a perfect border stitching. However, there are many who prefer plain borders in their dressing style. Since there are many aesthetic sense people who prefer the well designed borders, the crocheted type is the best suitable borders for any fabrics. …

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More About Knitting: Knitting Designs

Knitting Designs madalena dress pattern (pdf) - knitting pattern by phibersmith designs uhamsio

Knitting Clothes Knitting clothes involve many fun activities. Knitting is a good past time. You can also take it up as a profession. You can knit lovely winter wear. Clothes like sweaters, jumpers, mittens can be prepared by knitting. This involves a few things like needles and yarn. You can …

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Wear It Wherever You Want: Crochet Poncho

crochet poncho free pattern yqjajft

Beauty Of A Poncho Ponchos are a very comfortable form of clothing. They are loose and hence fit comfortably. Ponchos also provide warmth. This is the reason why people like to wear a poncho during winter. Ponchos have been a preferable form of clothing for many years. They are always …

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Bavarian Crochet – for Colorful Looks

bavarian crochet bavarian square tutorial www.thestitchinmommy.com #crochet #stitch  #tutorial #bavariansquare nayomjq

There are more than 200 patterns in crocheting. It also varies with different countries of this world. You can find many different style and patterns through online search. Since these are handmade and their own unique. Since, a knitter’s skill is dependent on these handicraft fabric materials. In such specialty …

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