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Fight the Cold with Knitted Hats

knitted hats city chic winter hat gikzeod

Do you know during the winter season which part of your body catch cold first? Well, if you go out during the winter season, then your head will be that part of your body that will catch cold first. So, it is important that you should cover your head first …

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Knit Leggings With A Different Touch

... womenu0027s cable knit leggings ... zhvwbgl

Legging Types Leggings are one of the most comfortable and good looking type of women wear. They are figure hugging and beautiful. They really beautify the appearance of the woman. There are many varieties of leggings. They are made of various types of materials. Knit Leggings For A Better Appearance …

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Best Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

free crochet slipper patterns easy pink crochet slipper pattern wgjdofa

Free crochet slippers patterns are the best way for a beginner to learn. These patterns are meant to give beginners a head start on their crocheting skills. Free Crochet Slipper patterns on the Net The net provides the appropriate platform for any beginner to start off. There are a variety …

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Making a Crochet Blanket

crochet blanket colourful granny rainbow crochet baby blanket ygkdlug

Crochet is a style of knitting or making loops to form patterns. These patterns when completed form a piece of cloth. Fashion and style has given a rise in demand for Crochet blouses, tops and even blankets. Crochet Blankets have been a thing of every household item. They were used …

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Beautifully Knit Cardigan

turning leaves grey knit cardigan sweater 1 rbetuds

Knitting has been used to make warm clothes. This type of technique was used to making cardigans as well. Since ages the concept of knitting went through so many creative changes that today you can find many fancy styles and techniques for making a warm piece of cloth. Gone are …

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The Timeless Vintage Crochet Patterns

vintage crochet patterns instant pdf crochet pattern 1950s vintage ladies beautiful lace blouse  lacey double rzdxeyq

Do you remember the intricate patterned crochet covers on tea sets or the shawls that grandmothers would flaunt? Even though such items are a rarity in modern times they still bring forth a sense of aura every time such intricate crochet patterns are seen. That is the power of vintage …

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Know about Various Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet Heart Pattern love hearts donationware crochet pattern larger image ilxbbeb

One of the most sought after crochet designs are the crochet heart pattern. Especially for teenage girls, this pattern remains quite appealing as compared to the other geometric or floral designs. You may want to indulge in stitching heart patterns into scarves or even cardigans. The Various Emotions of the …

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Crochet scarves- Add spice to your boring dress!!!

crochet scarves crochet scarf scarf from pattern found here  http://mousenotebook.blogspot.com rlnnvzc

No matter how many clothes, shoes, accessories, scarves a girl have; it would never be enough for her. Everyone knows that girls are really particular about their sandals, dress, make up and every other thing related to their looks. Their wardrobe is not less than a full fledge showroom, there …

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