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Cutest Ever Winter Scarves

Winter scarves have been here for ages! They were an integral part of winter fashion for all women. But why do the scarves have to be left behind with all things that are fundamentally overhauled? We have brought you all the eloquently beautiful winter scarves that ruled all fashion magazines …

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Off-the-Shoulder Dress Ideas

Off shoulder dresses have been around for a while and girls! Aren’t they wonderful? Off-the-shoulder dresses that expose one of the least exposed parts of the body, namely the shoulders, are suitable for almost all body types. If you haven’t tried one on before, take some inspiration from these absolutely …

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Messy Bun Hairstyles

Curly Messy Bun Long Hair | Bun hairstyles for long hair, Long .

Messy bun hairstyles can be found all over the internet and are viewed as a sensational trend by fashion lovers. To be part of your quest for the best messy bun hairstyles of the year, we’ve rounded up some classy ideas for the edgy looking hairstyles. For those who don’t …

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Disney Makeup Ideas

Disney makeup ideas can transform your look into your favorite Disney character. The list of easy Disney makeup looks we have compiled here can be achieved by makeup enthusiasts as well as beginners with the same ace. All of the makeup looks for Disney characters we’ve brought for you come …

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Ear Tattoo Designs

Ear tattoo designs have become very popular in recent years. They are so popular that some enthusiasts believe that ear tattoos can replace ear piercing. At BeautyandU we find both ear cups and ear piercing beautiful and some ladies can pull both off beautifully (as you can find in the …

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Awe-inspiring Shag Haircuts

Shag hairstyles and hairstyles are among the most versatile options for hair texture of all kinds. A long shag hairstyle can keep your hair looking vibrant even on a dull day. Short shag hairstyles with lots of layers, fringes and bangs are perfect for a casual and trendy look. Razor …

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Dermarolling Pros Cons

Pin on Wrinkle Treatment with Derma Roll

Dermarolling is a trendy cosmetic enhancement technique that uses tiny needles to prick the skin and stimulate collagen production. Collagen helps, among other things, to reduce scars and wrinkles and to improve skin moisture. Microneedling at home has immense benefits for your skin, but it also has disadvantages. It is …

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Cherry Nails

Cherry nails are the hottest trend that is tried and tested by women all over the world. Cherry nails can be achieved with just three colors including white, pink and red. Of course, you can try other colors, but only by going for designs like flowers and hearts can you …

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Fashionable Winter Jackets Styles

The winter is coming. That said, it’s time to stock up on warm clothes and blankets. Add style to your comfort this winter with these great winter jackets. There are various winter jackets to choose from. The choice ultimately depends on your style and preferred colors. Here are the best …

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Mesmerizing Short Party Dresses

Short dresses have a lot of buyers and why not! Short party dresses are perfect for warm evenings, casual outings, and pumped up, spunky party attitudes. You can look elegant and look pretty in short dresses that are adorned with pearls, sequins, or lace patterns with ease. Bodyconshort party dresses, …

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