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Fun Rainy Summer Day Outfits

Rain showers are fun and should never stop you from showing off style. Fashion is so important to keeping our spirits up, and what better time to leave serious fashion goals behind than the rainy days? And when we talk about rainy daytime wear, we don’t always mean oversized boots …

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Brunette Balayage Hairstyles

With brunette balayage hairstyles, you can flaunt a trendy haircut and a contemporary hair color at the same time. The light and dark balayage hairstyles are considered to be the most attractive solution for your custom hair color. We’ve rounded up all of the A listener’s balayage hairstyles of the …

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Party-perfect Sequin Outfit Ideas

With Christmas and New Years Eve just around the corner, you can get ready for your trend-setting hairstyles, makeup and party outfits to rock the winter parties. Here are some fashionable sequin outfit ideas that would be a hit for all of your upcoming winter get-togethers. Keep up with the …

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Lovely Winter Skirt Styling Ideas

If you’re wondering which winter skirts will go best with your outfits, we have some great styling suggestions to help you rock the winter season in style. For a festive look, we recommend the elegant Christmas tree skirt in combination with an off-the-shoulder, flattering black top. If you combine the …

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Prom Nail Art Designs for Prom Nails

For your prom night, every little aspect of your look is important. Let’s face it, prom nails drive women crazy in a variety of ways. Choose from the lovely prom nail designs and complete your picture for the big dance! However, choosing prom nail art patterns can be quite difficult …

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DIY Bracelets

Who remembers friendship bracelets made by hand from wool, satin ribbons, twine, and simple things like these that would normally be lying around the house? You may have left those sweet old school days behind you, but you love DIY bracelets and of course your friends do as well. BeautyandU …

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Women Sunglasses

Summer and sunglasses go hand in hand. After all, it’s hard to say no to women’s sunglasses that will beat you up against the heat and look hot and stylish! You can buy trendy sunglasses and branded glasses at any store that sells sunglasses, or even try thrift stores and …

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Glam Adding Knee High Boots

Chained Strappy Knee High Boots | Boots, Black platform boots .

The knee-high boots are elegant and timeless and make a bold fashion statement. With endless options, choosing the right pair is a daunting task. These boots appear slimmer on the wearer and look good on anyone who wears them. Because of its versatility, this style of shoe goes well with …

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Diy Halloween Costumes

Homemade DIY Halloween costumes require little effort or time to design. They are cute and suit the personality of different types of people. Most importantly, these costumes are easy for you to wear and look stylish in your own way. Use the simple things your closet has and some small …

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Eye Makeup Tips

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow Step by Step | Smoky eye makeup .

The face mask is essential to exercise in the ongoing pandemic. It should be used as an everyday thing as it will be needed for a while. And if we stick to this, we’ll need to change some of our going out habits as well, including wearing makeup. It may …

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