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Various Types Of Knitting: Fair Isle Knitting

The Fun Of Knitting

Knitting is a fun activity to do. It involves some patience and creativity. Knitting is known to be an artistic process. This is the reason why people who are good at it are considered artistic in nature. Knitting is the process of making clothes from the yarn. There are many types of yarns used in this process.

Various Types Of Knitting

Being a creative process, there are many types of procedures used in it. Knitting is of various patterns. Since it can get boring and repetitive to make clothes of the same design, there are several knitting patterns used.

Fair Isle Knitting Pattern

Fair isle knitting involves making beautiful designs on the surface of the cloth. In this, the arrangement of the wool gives rise to a wonderful structure. You can see this pattern in sweaters and other wool clothes. It is one of the most popular knitting patterns.

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