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The Gift Of Knitted Baby Booties

Many people who have taken knitting classes will fondly remember the baby booties that they knitted as their first assignment. The knitted baby booties have a special place in the wardrobe of any new born baby. They speak of love of the elders, mothers, grandmothers or aunts who make them.

Knitted Gifts For Babies

If you are wondering what kind of gift to give to a new born baby, why not give knitted booties? If you can knit, such a knitting project is easily completed. There are several booty design ideas that one can get online along with detailed instructions as well. Such a knitting project hardly takes time but will surely be a great personalized gift to give to someone’s baby. If you are a grandmother or mother or an aunt for the first time, seal the bond with the new born with such a gift.

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