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How to wear a Mens tweed Jacket?

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In Century in Scotland, there arose a need for a material that would result in the making of an insulated, hard making outwear. That is from where tweed emerged. It is woven sturdily from virgin wool, which is earthy and dusky in color. Tweed is also known as the cousin of tartan cloth and also comes in a wide range of varieties. But why should we wear it now The answer is simple. It is verymens tweed jacket stock harris tweed jackets ... and indeed stylishly smart as it was in all those years ago. You will also find it in much of autumn and winter collections. Tweed has infinite possibilities to wear. Let us show you some style tips and different ways in which you can wear a Mens tweed jacket.

  1. Casual Wear

You wish to try your hand at tweed, but confused as to where to start from Well, in that mens tweed jacket custom made brown tweed coat,bespoke Well, in that case, you must first try it in your casual or off work look. Go in for a plain variety as that should be your first call. You can team it up with a neutral t shirt and a pair of dark jeans and some leather footwear.

  1. Outwear

You can experiment with a Mens tweed jacket at its best when you are heading for an outing. Onemens tweed jacket tweed-jacket-men tgiqwhdof the classy look that suits almost everyone is to wear a light shade or white tee and layer it up with a dark shaded tweed jacket. Wear some exclusive party footwear and finish your look with a watch. And you are ready to go!

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