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Filet crochet- Two stitch that’s all!!

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We all are aware of the various crochet designs and patterns available in the market. But very few of us know about different type of crochet fabrics used in making such patterns and designs. Filet crochet, is one of such crochet fabric which can be easily found in local market. In fact many of us have used it in some way or the other it s just that we weren t aware about it. In thissimple filet crochet chart design zxpehft of crochet only two stitches are used. One is chain stitch and another is double crochet stitch.

Home D cor Pieces

Filet crochet designs are used in almost all the variety of crochet available in the market. It s mainly used in home d cor pieces. Somewhat like table cover or mats to keep under flower pots or wall hangings etc and while if you look among clothes or accessories then filet filet crochet bunny blanket · crochetfiletbunnyafghan ulpzdgt accessories then filet crochet is hardly available among them.

If made neatly, these designs give stunning results. The two most popular designs of filet crochet are open mesh and solid mesh. If one looks at the knitting chart then he would find the blank square, which means open mesh. While making solid mesh you can opt between DC Filet or DC Filet.

Crochet designs have been popular in market since ages butfilet crochet click here or on the picturestill they haven t lost their importance till now. Today also they look as lively and lovely as they use to look in that time.

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