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Crochet hooks – Select the one which best serves your purpose.

Crochet hooks is a tool very well known among those who know the art of knitting. This tool consists of a slim handle with hooks on both the sides which is used to pull out threads or yarn. On can also use crochet hooks for decorating clothes with lace, knitting stitches, threading beads and many more such kind of things.

Crochet hooks are easily available in the market in different types and sizes; you can select the one which suits best for his/her needs. Everything has its pros and cons, same way each crochet hook have its some benefits and some drawbacks. Due to which you need to pay special attention on following aspects while purchasing crochet hooks.

How to Choose the Right Crochet Hook

Select the Type: First you need to decide what type of crochet hook you want. These crochet hooks are available in Steel, Aluminium, Plastic, Bamboo, Tunisian, Ergonomic, Knook. Each of them serves its different purpose.

Select the Size: Crochet hooks sizes are determined by considering the diameter of the shaft, or the part of the hook lies between the point and handle. The hooks sizes generally vary from 2.25 mm size B to the 16 mm size Q. Usually, on the label of skein yarn; recommended hook sizes table is printed.

Select the brand: Many local brands are offering crochet hooks in the market these days. The top most reliable brands are Clover, Boye, and Susan Bates.

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