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Circular Knitting Needles For Your Heavy Knitting Needs

Knitting heavy things such as shawl or ponchos using the straight needle can cause pain in your wrist. Circular knitting needles are used for knitting heavy items with large number of stitches.  The space on the straight needles will not be enough to hold the stitches and casting more stitches on them is impossible. Circular knitting needles with different inch measurements are available to make thing easier for the knitting person. You will be able to create flat stitches according to your need using the circular needles.

Selecting The Needle

Each knitting pattern will need specific knitting needles and this will be given along with the pattern of the item you are making. The 16” circular needles are suitable for stitching in round like making hats. The 29” circular needles are suitable for medium sized projects where flat knits are needed. The 36” circular needle can be used in projects which need a lot of stitches in a row.  The needles are available from online sites which deals with different items for knitting.

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