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This is my second review for one of my all-time-favourite online shops, East DaneEven though I made a major turn in my general style and went deeper into black, grey and white, today I combined a lot of trends that will never fall from the board and leave street style.

Creep Jacket: Trend no.1 is colorblocking. We have been seeing it since the beginning of 2012 everywhere. Bold colors together giving a great vivid result. This Creep fleece pullover is just perfect for two reasons: it keeps you warm and comfy, and colorful on winter despite this season being full of darkness and moody colors. I would never imagine that green and blue could make such a great much. What more do you want to light up a cloudy, rainy day?

Rag & Bone Tshirt: Trend no.2, graphic tees. Yes, a big trend on and off the catwalks embracced by men and women with graphic sweaters, shirts, even bags. I chose this Rag & Bone t-shirt for it's simplicity and graphic-ity. I know that most of the guys don't like a lot of "noise" at their clothing. Last but not least, there's a little secret place on this tee. Just take a look at the top right. I hope you found the pocket.

3.1 Phillip Lim Pants: Not a trend but definitely a classic. Who wouldn't love a slim fit pair of black pants? I think it's one of the most important essentials. The best part is you can wear them in any occasion and match it with everything you have. It is black after all!

Grenson Shoes: Trend no.3, brogues. Staying in the scene for 3 years and maybe more, brogues are adopted by both genders. We have seen them in different colors from the classic black and white to bright red, blue and clear plastic. The newest modern addition on brogues is the wedge sole. It gives an other sense of style to the pair but on the same time it keeps it classic. Important! These soles make walking much easier without hurting your feet and getting you tired. Believe what I am saying, it's by experience. The only disadvantage is that they will get dirty fast because of their white colour. But some boys like it dirty.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses: Trend no.4 and my most favourite. Clear/ transparent sunglasses. This trend is here to stay forever. Everyone was used to the classic black wayfarers or tortoise sunglasses. Till summer 2013 when the clear sunglasses made the debut and became well-known to the public. It really gives a refreshing air on the face and is out of the ordinary. I challenge you to give it a try. It totally worths it.

Marshall Headphones: Last trend is the really big headphones. I am sertainly not a fan of it because it seems a bit funny at my eyes but I have seen so many people wearing them around the city and I understand it is the new most favourite gadget out there. If you wanna do it then just do it with a hi-tech pair of headphones. Who has the nerve to question the quality of sound and technology that legendary Marshall provides you? You also keep it stylish with the total black leather and the golden details.

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