alexander wang jacket (click here)/ 3.1 phillip lim shirt (click here)/  blk dnm jeans (click here)
/ converse x john varvatos shoes (click here)/ super sunglasses (click here)/ filson backpack (click here)/ eddie borgo bracelet (click here)

Alexander Wang Jacket: Minimal and structured. I believe these are two words that really identify Alexander Wang's designs. Especially this motorcycle jacket. Mainly made of wool, with a minimal attitude in black colour. There's nothing better than this. It's going to keep you warm, give a different sense of style and fit with everything you have. What else a man wants?
It's totally a 10/10.

3.1 Phillip Lim Shirt: No no it's not a usual shirt. Well, it may seem as one but it's not. Can you find that little something? If not then take a look at the sleeves. Yes, layered sleeves. I didn't even notice it at first but when I "examined" it better I found out that detail. I am a huge fan of "hidden" details like this one. A lot of boys out there are afraid of doing something really extreme. So boys, this shirt is made for you as it will take you a step closer to extremity.
Made of cotton, imagine how soft and comfortable it is. Comes out in midnight colour too but guys I didn't like the sleeves contrast. I suggest you the total white one. Phillip you're a genius!

BLK DNM Jeans: You think that every jean is the same as an other one? Not true. The difference in the detail again.This ultra-black pair of jeans strengthens the minimalistic look of it and the lack of branding and embellishments gives the final touch. It's a pair of jeans as every pair should be. Perfect made. No more said!

Converse x John Varvatos Shoes: I was never a huge fan of Converse shoes. Such a mainstream line, everyone had the classic black or red pair. I couldn't figure out how a pair of shoes like this could compliment your clothes. I also never really liked John Varvatos, don't ask me why. So this pair is supposed to be my nightmare but it's not. The grey colour, the mixed leathers with the suede pieces, the staples on the seams and the dirty midsoles look it gives me compose the ideal "Frankenstein" pair. It gives me a taste of punk, of goth and of Edward Scissorhands. Just imagine it with Edward's outfit. My favourite pair so far!

Super Sunglasses: Strict cut, straight and clear lines. Of course in black. I am sure these sunglasses compliment every man's face. Perfectly matching with every piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe. Made in Italy. Well most of the times Italians do it better!

Filson Backpack: Oh backpacks! I love them so much. Bringing back memories from school and childhood. But wait! Who wants the backpack from his first days of school? And who said that men don't have things to carry around or that these things fit in their pockets? This backpack is just pure perfection. From the most well known brands the Filson backpack is made from tin cloth with leather straps and drawstrings. The best thing is the 5-pocket packs it has. More elegant and classy than the usual backpacks you can put everything in here. From huge books and laptops, to the tiniest thing you have such as your tie bar.

Eddie Borgo Bracelet: Every man needs a piece of bling bling and what's better than a door latch cuff by Eddie Borgo. Eddie Borgo created the jewelry for Phillip Lim s/s 2009 runway show and soon after it he launched his own label. Inspired by rock & roll and life in NYC his jewelry became a signature for every man wearing them. Regarding the bracelet I loved it because it gives a vintage effect to the outfit and reminds me of something that is widely used until now. A door latch.

This is my East Dane Review Part 1. For more details about the items just click the links
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My East Dane Review Part 2 will be there next week so stay here for more.


  1. looks like an awesome outfit! love the Eddie Borgo Bracelet!!!!

  2. That is such a fine selection!!

    You look so edgy :D!

    Check out my blog if you want to other edgy inspiration !