Black Shapes and Forms/ The Passing

hm tshirt/ uknown top/ zara trousers/ zara shoes
Minimalism is not only about total white outfits in total white backgrounds. It is more about sharpness, and balance. Sharpness on your clothes and balance between you and the environment. Simple but strong, always makes you perfect. Black is the crown of the colors. Every element represented. Every emotion represented. I was always an admirer of the "dark" cultures but never thought of adjusting them, modernised of course, to my new sense of style. This winter is going to be something like the passing to another level. I never wanted to stay in the same place. Changing is fun. Our inner self needs it somethimes. Change the way you think, see, evaluate.

Photos Fanis Rami


  1. i love that you are a spearheader of minimalism along with the others.. i love clothes that evoke purity and simplicity. the world of fashion is becoming too much that it makes people like us go back and appreciate the basics et al. cheers!!